Aromatherapy | Herbal Medicine


Aromatherapy + Herbs to align YOUR Body-Mind.

My goal of working with you is to help you restore balance and encourage healing from within in a safe and natural way. By integrating clinical herbal medicine, holistic aromatherapy, Ayurvedic healing, and  the power of positive mindset, together we can tailor a coaching package to meet you exactly where you and and want to be!  

Enjoy a personalized aromatherapy blend or botanical perfume for daily use. The pairing and formulation of essential oil blends are a deep love of  mind ... I've formulated and worked one-to-one with over one thousand individuals since starting in the healing field in 2006.

What Clients Are Saying:

"I love the essential oil blend that Nishaan created for me. I use it almost daily. It is a scent that I want to always have in my life, as it is associated with such a wonderful experience.  I would recommend a session to anyone and everyone---it will be such a gift to yourself.” 

-D. Brashear


My personalized oil blend just arrived. I'm blown away. Even if you do the consult with Nishaan over Skype like me she can intuit what is gonna work with your body/life. It's good stuff for this boys soul!

 -Austin Cummings, San Francisco 


The ability to have your own personalized perfume/aromatherapy blend is such a great opportunity. I love mine. I would never have been able to create a fragrance on my own.  It’s so great that Nishaan knew exactly the right choices for me.  Just one whiff and I feel calmer.” 

-Sherry Shumate, Lexington


"I have used a number of Nishaan's amazing products, including room spray, bath salts and aromatherapy oils. Nishaan takes the time to learn what scents are best for you, and to learn what you want and need. I think you can really tell when you're using something that is handmade with care. I feel great when I use my Nourish products, both because of the amazing aromatherapy and because I know what I am putting on  my body and in my home-only natural ingredients here!" -Carrie Traud Ray, New Castle Upon Tyne

"In my time working with Nishaan she has carefully tended to my physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. My professional life invites a great deal of stress and anxiety into my life. I am a lawyer and have assumed the heavy weight of carrying the collective  emotional load of my clients. I suffered for years with almost debilitating anxiety. Nishaan helps mitigate this negative emotion with her herbal medicinal treatments, aromatherapy, and kindness and gentleness of spirit. I routinely use Nishaan's bath salts which provide the same measure of calm that she provides in our one on one sessions. My weekly meetings with Nishaan  have boosted my general physical health and have helped me transform into a much happier and well- balanced woman. I constantly utilize Nishaan's divine balance  aromatherapy blend when work related stress begins to creep in. I have also experienced great results from using Nishaan's medical massage treatment(s) when I severely sprained my ankle.  I always turn to Nishaan before my general care physician. She treats my mind, soul, and body. She is a truly intuitive and empathic soul who was born to be the purest form of healer. In sum, Nishaan is a practitioner that tends to her clients in a loving manner with a truly wholistic approach. I will work with Nishaan as long as she is still practicing and would encourage anyone from any walk of life to entrust their health to Nishaan. She will improve your life, career, and relationships, and your physical and spiritual health will improve dramatically. "

-Elizabeth Morgan, Paris 


"Before working with Nishaan I was having chronic headaches, neck pain and my energy was always down. After several medicinal attempts nothing seemed to help.  After seeing Nishaan from day one I was relieved from my neck pain and after the second session my headaches were going away. She is a breath of fresh air and since our first meeting (2+ years ago) I  have now ventured into aromtherapy oils which I have recently been experimenting with.  She has created my first package of oils and I can't wait to work on the second package. Thank you Nishaan!"

-Candi, Slade

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for working on me today. It was an utter gift to spend time with you. You are refreshing, and how hard you have worked to help improves the quality of life for others is astonishing I so appreciate your hunger for learning, and am really excited for you as you go on the next stage of your journey. You are excellent at what you do, I was inspired by your passion."

-S.S. Alabama


"Nishaan is a talented aromatherapy practitioner with a calming influence.  Nishaan takes the time to get to know you and custom blends your aromatherapy oil based on your personal preference. I don't like many scents & many perfumes make me sneeze so when Nishaan said she could blend a personal perfume for me I jumped at the chance. I can now take that feeling of calmness & relaxation with me wherever I go. I love my personal perfume & would not hesitate to recommend Nishaan to anyone for the therapeutic & restorative services that she offers."

 -K. Clark