On Living a Succulent Life

Succulents ... such thrive-rs and survivors! In response to their dry habitat, they carry much water inside. That’s what makes them so plump! They are colorful, individualistic, and wow, can they take the heat.

They remind us of how that where there is a will, there is a way.

(And, it may not happen overnight).

Contrary to popular belief, you are creature of adaptation, not a creature of habit.

You are stronger and more resilient than you may have ever had a chance to realize.

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Pleasure, Courage + Squirrel Talk on FB Live!


Viola // Violet

Sweet, sweet Violet! Lovely lymphatic. While gathering, I am reminded to breathe. Our breath helps us process our emotions. It fosters lymphatic flow. The stems are quite elastic and plump, reminding us, that with flexibility comes resilience and ease. They drive out stubbornness and share possibility. Viola reminds us to slow down and be present. One has to be patient while gathering these tiny, but, prolific flowers. They show us the power of community and connection - together we rise. 

Holy cow, is Spring *finally* here???

Yaaay!  #ThankGoddess for 60 degrees today. 

I don't know about you, but, my yard is  looking OUT OF CONTROL.

While I promised myself to mow the lawn by today at 4pm (in 60 degree weather, woot!), I also felt into my need for play time before I dove into work for business and home. 

Anyhow, while reviewing my forever long and faithful "to do" list over breakfast, I had a meeting with a shiny little Squirrel at my back door.

Squirrels are SO awesome at showing up for self. It's not uncommon that I see a buddy or two standing on their hind legs (peering in the window) to announce how I've forgotten to throw out the "bird" seed. 

They are not afraid of asking for what they want, and for this I LOVE them. Pretty damn inspiring to me, how about you?

When is the last time that you actually asked for what you want? Do you regularly think about what you want? Not like new shoes, sleep, or, food (which are all very important things), but, the next level shit ... like how you want to spend your time, how you want to feel, what you need from someone around you, etc. 

It is SO important for us to do this in order to live a truly happy an authentic life. It helps us to feel fulfilled, self expressed and alive. 

Squirrel reminded me to jump on the "I want bandwagon" and so I did.

While I knew I *needed* to mow the lawn and put in my usual work hours, I also knew I *wanted* to make plant medicine and connect with the earth.

So, I took the latter route! I chose to slow down. Because if there is anything that I've learned through coaching amazing individuals through fatigue, energy management and life fulfillment, it's that quite often we must slow down to speed up!

Especially those of us who are always going, going, going, or doing, doing, doing for everyone (but maybe forgetting about ourselves).

Yeah, you've got to fuel your body to keep the motor running, but, what about your soul? Are you feeding that too? 

We can deny our creative soul for years without even realizing it. By slowing down, we re-connect. By slowing down we listen in. By slowing down we share time for our true wants to surface and unfold. 

So this morning, I listened to Squirrel. I took some deep breathes and followed my muse ... I gathered some Violet, Dandelion, and Plantain from my yard before diving into the work that I would always prioritize (over, and over, and over again)! 

Now today is a little less boring. In fact, it's sparkly and I've gotten time and a half done at work too!

At the end of the day, I get to turn beautiful plant medicines that I gathered into magical elixirs instead of just mowing them down. #WinWIn

So, I want to encourage you to slow down, savour the weeds, create and connect. 

When we lead with our courage, we step into the abundance life has to offer (see Squirrel on hind legs). When we let go of guilt and make time for play, we start LIVING!

And on always prioritizing your glamorous "to do list" ... Squirrel says, "no more shoulding on yourself, okay babe?".

By stepping out of, "I should do this, this and this", you make way for the real you.

What if, instead of *starting* with work, you made room for play? Dessert first. Start with creative work, or, another fun activity, and see what happens to your energy reserves. See what opportunities show up by meeting the world with your lively potential instead of force.

Today, I started with my creative work. And, what do you know? Suddenly I found myself integrating my creative work and my practical work with a whole new life. It felt fresh, circulating and meaningful.

Anyhow, Squirrel has A LOT more to share with you :) You join me and some Squirrel Wisdom on today's FB Live!

I will share a bit about the plants I gathered and also share some Q's you can ask yourself to feel more  deeply into what YOU want and need in life and from the world around you. 

Also, if you watch the video, you should totally head over to my Instagram page where I have actual video footage of my interview with Squirrel this morning over slightly burnt toast! Watch the FB live first though :) 

Wishing you a gorgeous one!