On Father's Day Without ..

To the most mysterious man I have ever met. He taught me how life holds stark contrasts of personal shadow + personal light. He shared humor, he shared darkness.


While I can’t say Father’s Day has ever been a joyous day, I can say it has taught me grief.


How it comes + goes without permission. How what breaks our heart - can break us open to a deeper, more profound, more dynamic + even more joyful version of ourselves. It can break us into wholeness.


It can echo fewer lessons over time, yet, form deeper grooves into our psyche.


My father taught me about connecting to the earth in the strawberry field. 🍓


He taught me to plant seeds from Marigolds. 🌼


He taught me the natural cycle of birth, death + regeneration.


He taught me some yoga, but, I can barely recall this beyond my body-memory.


He loved to laugh + make others laugh. He had the BEST laugh.


Once a year I hear it echo from my belly.


He loved beautiful things, fancy clothing, herbal medicine, travel and all things high-tech and electronic. I like those things too.




He passed when I was too young to understand.


He passed for reasons beyond anyone’s control around him.


However, this opened me up to my connection to magic + the afterlife.


His death invited me to explore the depths of my own shadow + light!




He’s still around in Spirit. He makes his presence known. For that, I’m thankful.


So, while it hasn’t been easy, I am so thankful for this life journey with my father in waking life and with my father in the afterlife.


I’m thankful for the the deep healing + transformation(s) he’s allowed and shared with me on a Soul level.


For those of you who celebrate father’s day without your father. I send you extra love. ❤️


Reminding you that on a higher (out of body level), that maybe, just maybe, we made an agreement on a Soul level for our experiences shared as child and father.


How all if it, on Soul level, was from LOVE. This idea has been most healing to me through this entire journey.


Loving you + wishing you find all the reasons today to love on yourself.


Allow all the feels, from joy to sorrow, to rest, or, rustle up within you.


Trust there is beauty, wisdom + healing in it all.


Such a huge hug to you. You are not alone. You and I, our fathers and so many others, we are in this together. 💞


You are powerful beyond your knowing.


Just look how far you have come ... even without traditional support systems so many people have had.


You’re A bright star my love. My heart shines out to you and with you. 🌟💕🌟


And to my father, I love you. All of you.