On Living a Succulent Life

Succulents ... we are thrive-rs and survivors!

In response to our dry habitat, we carry much water inside. That’s what makes us so plump! We are colorful, individualistic, and wow, can we take the heat.

We are here to remind you that where there is a will, there is a way.

(And, it may not happen overnight).

Contrary to popular belief, you are creature of adaptation, not a creature of habit.

You are stronger and more resilient than you may have ever had a chance to realize.

So, why not step up?

Self-actualization is a beautiful experiment.

You can choose to step into your potential before being pushed, or, you can wait to be pushed to grow. Yeah?

Growth often takes strength, and strength sometimes looks like surrender. Strength often means loving yourself first, especially when that feels alien to you.

Strength can mean training — where you practice spending your energy towards transformation. Especially in the face of past or present patterns where you may have self-sabotaged, or, spent energy less consciously.

This lists only a few slivers of possibility among a lifetime of possibilities that we can choose to step up to in our lives.


So, how can you step into a more succulent life?

How can you fill your life with more color, resilience, growth, and authenticity?

It's all possible for you.

Just remember to factor in self-love and play. 

You’ve got this, babe.