Unearth Your Spark! Four Week Online Course EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT + BONUS EXPIRES MAY 25th {See Below}

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Unearth Your Spark! Four Week Online Course EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT + BONUS EXPIRES MAY 25th {See Below}

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4 Week Online Course - Starting May 30th!

I am SO excited to share this with you!

If you're like me and so many clients I've worked with, you know what it feels like to be a highly SENSITIVE person who CARES a bunch for those you love that surround you.

You know what it feels like to be on your a-game as a LOVING and JOYFUL person, yet, some days side-swipe you out of no where and you feel like you'd rather phone it in for the day (ideally under that said rock, hah)!

If you're tired of feeling off balance, if you're ready to step into a  DEEPLY SUPPORTED version of yourself, and if you're curious about natural remedies that suit YOUR body type + offer you LASTING RESULTS this class is so totally for you!

I know what it's like to feel STUCK, HEAVY, or, on a loop of anxiety, fatigue, and tension. I know what it feels like to dip into and out of a physical depression. I know what it's like to feel totally confused about what next step is best for you. There is SO much information out there!

This class is here to give you CLARITY around what works. It's here to feed your CURIOSITY around health, mindset, and a little bit of magic.

This course shares what I've learned through my own healing journey over the past two decade  (via natural remedies) as well as my 12 years of experience in herbal medicine, and then coaching.

After much experience, playing with ideas and working with close to a thousand clients, I'm finally ready to share what I've learned WITH YOU through my first ever live online course!

So, if you're ready for a POSITIVE CHANGE,  join us in June 2018 for Unearth Your Spark!

During this four week course you will discover natural tools to lessen physical tension and sensitivities. These can manifest as anxiety, seasonal allergies, insomnia, water retention, weight gain, skin issues, feelings of low energy + mood shifts (among other so many other things)!

 During our weekly calls you'll discover tools for natural health, such as mind-body nutrition, herbal teas, essential oils, self-care practices and mindset.

You'll complete the course with a better understanding of your body and your relationship with nature. These same tool have helped my clients reclaim an inner sense of vitality, energy,  self-love, fulfillment + happiness!

DATES:  Wednesday, May 30th-July 1st 2018 through a weekly course that will be sent to you. We'll share some special time weekly to answer your Q+A's over Facebook live on Monday's at 12:30 pm beginning June 4th. However, our first welcome Q+A will be on Wednesday, May 30th at 12:30 pm!

TIME: Our first Welcome Q+A will be on Wednesday, May 30th at 12:30 pm. Starting June 4th, we will meet every Monday for our live FB Q+A days at 12:30 pm! 

WHERE: We'll be meeting virtually through our private FB group, Facebook live and a pre-recorded course that will be sent to you! So, you get to choose where you'd like to be to attend! A cup of tea and a cozy space is highly encouraged :) 


  • MEMBERSHIP TO OUR PRIVATE FB GROUP where you'll meet like-minded wholehearted individuals like yourself.  These are folks who know there's "more to life" and have the COURAGE it takes to show up and live a life of TRANSFORMATION!
  • SELF-CARE PRACTICES to support that week's course topic. Through years of seeing clients at my practice, Nourish, I've got a huge list of self-cre practices. While my goal is to keep it simple, I am open to sharing more tools as needed :)

  • WEEKLY JOURNAL PROMPTS to better get to know your body. These are some of the most POWERFUL pieces to work with, as it's all about your self-reflection. This is the real gold!

  •  Q+A DAY Have any lingering questions about the latest module?! You can post them to our special weekly Q+A thread. I'll answer your questions via a FB LIVE video later that week!

  • PRIZES! You'll have a chance to post your reflections over the weekly prompts in a specials FB thread. Those who share their reflection in that thread will be entered into a weekly drawing to win that weeks prize.

  • WEEKLY CLASS MODULES shared in our FB group for you to view at your convenience. I will share from my heart, mind, and soul to support you as a member of this beautiful tribe!

  •  BONUS CLASS! Sign up before May 26th to receive free access to my video course, Body-Mindset: How to Listen to Your Body, Your Inner-Knowing + Live in Creative Confidence!  

My dear coach and friend, Jason Goldberg, invited me to create and share with his Playful Prosperity Program.  It was SO much fun! This course is 45 minutes. You'll receive a PDF with Body-Mindset exercises that you may begin to incorporate into your day, as well as a course outline to easily follow along.

This bonus is an excellent is an EXCELLENT precursor to this course. PLUS! As of right now, it’s only available to you right here and now!


$97 Early Bird + Bonus, Before May 26th, 11:59 EST

$127, After May 26th, 11:59 EST


Email: NourishMindBodySpirit@gmail.com.

I can't wait to see you soon! I’m SO excited to share all the inspiring and magical tools I have seen work time and time again. If you’re ready for transformation, this is the place to be - I’m here to support your efforts, shine light on your uniqueness, and remind you that YOU’VE SO GOT THIS!